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Wilco Announces May 7 Performance at University of North Texas Auditorium

Quite the to-do yesterday evening on ye olde Twitter, as some advantageous Wilco fan started blasting out the news they'd seen on the band's web site announcing a handful of southeast shows from the band in early May -- a handful that includes a Saturday, May 7, stop in Denton for a performance at the University of North Texas Auditorium -- and the rest of the regional Twittersphere started freaking out over the news, which, indeed, is fairly exciting stuff.

But let's hold our horses here: There's no word yet on ticket sales -- not on the Wilco's web site, and not from booking conglomerate AEG Live, which, as we understand it, is company behind bringing this show to Denton. As of now, AEG just ain't talking at all -- but the company has promised to pass along any info our way as soon as they can. So, we'll keep you posted.

Update: Tickets will go on sale Friday, February 4, at 10 a.m. at all Ticketmaster outlets.

In the meantime, feel free to continue freaking out accordingly. One local music blog already has, taking to Twitter to express their excitement, which, and I'm paraphrasing here, goes so far as to claim this announcement as the single greatest thing to happen to Denton maybe ever. Hyperbole sure is fun, huh?

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