With Pretty Lights' Backing, Dallas Native SuperVision Seems Primed To Blow Up Fast

Musicians are undoubtedly influenced by the music they listen to. An artist's musical selections can sometimes even foretell what a next album might sound like. So if you've ever wondered what the artists who grace your stereo are getting funky to, here's your chance to find out. Every week, I'll ask traveling musicians -- as well as a few locals -- the fated question: What are you listening to right now?

Richard Blake Hansen has been flipping beats and scratching on turntables since he was 16 attending Plano West High School. And, though he loves playing the club scene as a DJ, his newest project, SuperVision, without question showcases original production worthy of national recognition.

No surprise, then, that he's now getting some.

Hansen has lived in Denver for the past couple years and recently secured a spot on the Pretty Lights Music record label. In late September, he will make his debut as an artist and producer when his first ever recorded album, Telescopic, drops at no cost to music consumers. During the creation process, Hansen also collaborated with PLM brother Michal Menert on two songs, one which will be released on the SuperVision record and one which will be released on Menert's upcoming album.

With Hansen in town this week to perform a gig last Friday night at the recently re-opened Elm Street Bar, we caught up with him before he heads back to the mountains and then on tour to find out what he rocking in his stereo these days.

Currently jamming: Gramatik, SBTRKT, Hudson Mohawk

"Beatz and Pieces [Vol. 1] is an awesome album. [Gramatik] just really just did such a good job on that record. SBTRKT is a little softer and easier on the ears, but it's still really good and powerful. It's hard to be powerful without bigger, harder sounds. The engineering techniques that he uses, he just makes it sound big. They're about making songs sound super epic that really touch you without being heavy on the ears. SBTRKT has really great pads and really great vocals."

Draws inspiration from: new/old obscure albums that he finds "digging" through record stores.

"I see myself [in the future] having more stuff in my setup, and more obscure samples. Digging is an art -- the more you dig, the better you get at it. Then you get better at manipulating it. Going on tour will be cool because I will be in dozens of cities I've never been in, so I'm going to look for record stores and probably spend most of my pay on records."

Where the two roads meet:
Hansen's debut album as a professional artist; Telescopic is due out September 27 on Pretty Lights Music.

"I just want to give the people something they can dance to that has emotion. Something that you can close your eyes to. Something you can listen to in the car to work. Something you can listen to in the club. Something you can listen to while you're working out at the gym. Whatever it is, I just don't want my tone to be one-dimensional. It's really just about me putting myself out there as a producer and what I've learned over the years and what I've been exposed to."

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Tiney Ricciardi
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