Yesterday at NX35: Colourmusic At Andy's Bar

Band: Colourmusic
Venue: Andy's Bar
Time: 1 a.m.

"Today's show is brought to you by the color pink," said the Sesame Street sample that introduced Colourmusic to the Andy's Bar crowd, which was certainly true visually. What parts of the band's gear wasn't covered with chrome paint or aluminum foil had been colored with pink tape or paint, in keeping with the band's backstory of writing songs inspired by colors.

It was a very small number of people who chose color (or colour) over black, with the Black Angels headlining a one-in-one-out Hailey's club. But what the crowd lacked in size it more than made up for with enthusiasm. How could it not? Colourmusic's joyously fun, danceable, sexy rock is so overpowering that you feel it as much as hear it. It's as much a full-body experience for the band, as Ryan Hendrix screams. stomps, leaps and wrings every note from his guitar while Colin Fleishacker strangles his fuzz-drenched bass and Nick Ley locks them into a hypnotic groove, all of it coalescing tightly in an awesome, throbbing beat.

The crowd went absolutely berserk for the last full song of the night, the fists-in-the-air "Yes!" with girls and guys alike dancing with the kind of absolute uninhibited bliss rarely seen at indie-rock shows.

It was my first experience with the band, but I'm already prepared to declare them my second-favorite band from Oklahoma. The amount of sound they generated as a trio was astonishing; I wasn't too surprised to find out later that they're normally a four-piece. Hendrix's co-founder Nick Turner wasn't onstage with the band, though the absence was never mentioned.

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Jesse Hughey
Contact: Jesse Hughey