Yesterday at NX35: Moth Fight at Dan's Silverleaf

BAND: Moth Fight
VENUE: Dan's Silverleaf
TIME: 8:30 p.m. 

Having caught Austin's Moth Fight last October at the "Swiss House" in Dallas, I was pretty sure what to expect last night--from the band and the audience. So, watching the group wow an audience of about 50 people was no surprise, nor was seeing a handful of local artists and others in the crowd slide into full "discovery" mode.

Listening to Moth Fight, it's easy to start throwing out a half-dozen or more "sounds-like-so-and-so" comparisons. After all, the band clearly possesses a similar sound and energy to Arcade Fire mixed with the imagination and unpredictability of Animal Collective (with spoons and a bunch of circuit-bent toys thrown in for good measure).

But even if you don't dig either of the aforementioned bands, that doesn't necessarily mean you wouldn't like Moth Fight's catchy brand of "avant-garde children's music."

The show was a blast, but if you couldn't make it to Dan's for the show, take a minute to drop by Moth Fight's MySpace page and check out "Hopscotch."

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