Yesterday at NX35: Neon Indian at Rubber Gloves

Band: Neon Indian
Venue: Rubber Gloves
Time: 12:30 a.m.

In September of last year, as mega-hyped area band Neon Indian prepared its debut smash full-length, Psychic Chasms, the band debuted its live show with a gig at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. It didn't go so great.

Now, having spent the past six months touring--and, y'know, playing the late night TV circuit and all, too--the band returned to RGRS last night and wowed a one-in-one-out crowed with a more polished, more energetic, and all-together better live performance.

And it was a highly anticipated show, too: By 9 p.m., even, there was a line forming outside Rubber Gloves; by 10, it was one-in-one-out to get in; and, for the rest of the night, that's how it stayed.

Neon Indian's show was the busiest RGRS had been all throughout the NX35 festival (with Saturday night's Telegraph Canyon show coming in at a very close second, to be fair). And the band responded by playing its usual up-beat and catchy set, and gleefully performing uber-hits like  "Deadbeat Summer" and "Should Have Taken Acid With You." The band was clearly more comfortable in Gloves this time around: At one point in the night, Palomo even joked to the audience that no one in the press had yet called him out for sampling Mega Man 2 for "6699 (I Don't Know If You Know)."

By the end of the set, which closed with regular show-ender "Ephemeral Artery," the crowd was keyed up and wanting more. Palomo and his band obliged, performing an encore of "No Reasons," the highly danceable hit from Palomo's other popular outfit, VEGA. And, according to Palomo, VEGA will be done with its debut in May.  

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