Yesterday at NX35: Pomegranates at Hailey's Club

Band: Pomegranates
Venue: Hailey's Club
Time: 9:30 p.m.

Hailing out of Cincinnati, the youthful quartet known as Pomegranates made one of my favorite records of 2009, the wonderfully chaotic Everybody, Come Outside. This evening was my first chance to catch the band live, though--and it had me (and the fairly large contingent that made it to Hailey's early) stoked to see the band hit the stage at 9:30.

Starting off with Everybody's title cut, Joey Cook and crew played an impressive set of arty, indie rock. The songs of Pomegranates are filled with quirky beats and odd time signatures, with influences as varied as Gang of Four and The Talking Heads floating in and out of a mix that sometimes veers into prog-rock territory.

Switching instruments frequently, the band members somehow managed to keep the momentum going, while the enthusiastic crowd showed a grace and patience little known in some venues in Dallas.

It's a tribute to Pomegranates that the band can make such unusual songs that somehow also remain catchy. After the Pomegranates set, many people made their way to the merchandise table as the guys in the band seemed blissfully stunned by the overwhelmingly positive reaction.

When I talked with a couple of the band members after the show, they displayed an uncharacteristic humility: When a new fan shook Cook's hand and told him how great the show was, the singer said, "That is so nice to hear!"

Who says an indie band can't have manners?

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Darryl Smyers
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