Yesterday at NX35: Slobberbone at Dan's

Band: Slobberbone

Venue: Dan's Silverleaf
Time: 12:05 a.m.

Slobberbone, the reigning godfather of local alt-country acts, hit the stage just a smidge past midnight and proceeded to play all of the band's "hits" to a blissfully inebriated crowd.

It's a testament to Brent Best's songwriting prowess that tunes he wrote over a decade ago still sound fresh and aggressive. Starting off with Neil Young's "Big Time" and segueing nicely into its own "Barrel Chested," Slobberbone never took its collective foot off the gas pedal.

Interestingly, most of the set list came from the Slobberbone's 2000 effort Barrel Chested, which I still think is the band's best record. Sure, they dipped back into Crow Pot Pie and forward into a couple of cuts from Slippage, but for the most part, this evening's performance was like stepping into a time machine and popping out to see Chicken Run still at movie theaters.

But the hometown boys rocked the house as we all knew that they would. By the time the band made it to "Sober Song," few (if any) in the venue actually were. And all was right with the world.

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Darryl Smyers
Contact: Darryl Smyers