Yesterday at NX35: The Crowds Come Out At Night No. 3...

The weather was playing nice last night. And, for the first time, NX35 truly had the crowds to match that dynamic festival-feeling that had been in the air on Thursday night.

The whole night--from the little clusters of people milling around the sidewalks and streets to the folks watching Billy Roy on the Square to the packed venues--there was more of a buzz of activity all over the downtown area. Based on last night's crowds, it looks like we were right to blame the cold, rainy weather and traffic for the meager, early turnout Friday night.

I have no idea how the turnout was for that house show in Denton on Friday night, or the two competing ones last night, but it didn't hurt the turnout for NX35 one bit. As early as 8:30 p.m., more than 50 people showed up to watch The Uptown Bums lively set at Andy's Bar. And, by the time Riverboat Gamblers went on a little before midnight, Andy's, like Dan's the night before, had reached capacity and was one-out-one-in at the door.

Another thing worth noting: Those scheduled show times on the program guide are finally starting to sync-up with "Denton Time." At Rubber Gloves, Febrifuge started its set a full 45 minutes late, but the wait was worth it for those who did stick around. And Hailey's, with its amazing lineup of Chameleon Chamber Group, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Bosque Brown and Sarah Jaffe, was packed-to-the-gills and abuzz all night long. I've been to a lot of "special" nights at Hailey's, from Halloween to New Year's Eve, but I've never seen so many glasses, bottles and plastic cups. All over the club, they were stacked on every counter and table.

It was the same story for The Boiler Room. Hopping all night long, and, apparently, the place to be as the night waned. At most of the other venues, the last bands had already wrapped up their sets before Record Hop took the stage some time after midnight.

People were stumbling over there from all over the Square, and, I've heard, it was quite the madhouse during The Hop's set...

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