You Are Now Free To Rock Across The Country: Motopony To Hit Dallas On Day-Long U.S. Tour

Seattle indie-folk act Motopony just sent our way an interesting press release, in which they detail plans for a coast-to-coast US tour.

The whole thing will take place in single day.

With the help of the Love Field-based Southwest Airlines, which is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, the band will turn airport terminals in Baltimore, St. Louis, Dallas and Los Angeles into concert venues on Wednesday, June 29.

Seems that the whole thing was dreamed up by Southwest Airlines' advertising partner GSD&M. Guess they saw how successful Robyn's JFK Terminal 5 performance for JetBlue went.

Pretty interesting stuff from an airline that's constantly thinking up new and sometimes controversial ways to market itself, like, say, the other day when that pilot talked about how much he liked the airline's flight attendants.

According to the press release, they'll also perform for the passengers during the flights. And, luckily for those passengers, the music on Motopony's self-titled debut is pretty easy on the ears. So, while passengers are working out their sinus pressure, Motopony won't be compounding the pain with annoying sludge metal riffs. Their brand of music is subtly cinematic -- highly folk-driven, but extremely poppy as well. So, it should translate pretty well up in the air during the event.

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