You Are Now Invited to the VIP Room at the Travis: Photos from Big Bang Basement's Debut

DJ Sober moved his Thursday Big Bang residency from Beauty Bar to the basement of the Travis Disco last night. The space has never really been open to the general public before -- it hosted special events and afterparties when the club upstairs was the Rio Room. So you'll be forgiven if you need a little guidance. I did.

So pick a Thursday and head to the stage-lit streets of Knox. Turn into the parking lot of the Travis Disco, but walk past its vestibuled entrance and into the alley. You'll see where you're headed from there. Look for Sunny at the door, just like he was at Beauty Bar. He'll check your ID and you'll step from the concrete and metal literally onto red-carpeted stairs, down to the shiny black interior of the Travis basement.

There, you'll find Sober in the big booth in the corner and, if last night's inaugural run is any indication, a room packed with every kind of music person. There are plenty of nooks and crannies in the basement, but you won't need them. Just the dance floor and the bar.

I took some pretty terrible photos to give you an idea of who you might run into.

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