Wail on, wailer.

You Like Pop? Swing? Rock? Hear It All With Erin McKeown

In order to get primed for her appearance at House of Blues this weekend, I just got through listening to Sing You Sinners, Erin McKeown’s lively collection of jazz standards from the 1930s and '50s.

That set came out last year, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to McKeown’s soon-to-be released Small Deviant Things, Vol.1 just yet. If history is any indication, though, it should be great: McKeown's released five full-length albums and two EPs and just seems to get better with each effort. And she’s quite capable of crossing the folk/rock/jazz boundaries without missing a beat. With her belting vocal delivery and solid songwriting chops, McKeown has earned favorable comparisons to everyone from Ani DiFranco (who, oddly enough, plays a sold-out Granada Theater date tonight) to the Indigo Girls.

McKeown's recent appearance at Queerstock in support of GLBT musicians brought her a higher profile than she had previously attained, but she still largely remains under-the-radar; on this tour, she's serving as the support act for Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, a rather earnest ensemble capable of deep introspective and overblown bombast all within the same song.

Taken together, this bill offers emotions to spare--perhaps the perfect setting for any poor souls out there who've recently had their heart crapped on. --Darryl Smyers

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