10 Best Artifacts Available in New Jersey Auction House's JFK Sale

In January the Observer noted with a certain amusement that a bunch of JFK stuff was being hawked by New Jersey's Goldin Auctions. These included a bullet fired from the gun that fired the bullet that killed the guy (Jack Ruby) who killed the guy who killed Kennedy (Lee Harvey Oswald). The sale vended weird stuff like that, and it sold for a ton of cash — the bullet alone sold for more than $2,000.

Now, Goldin's at it again, with another pile of stuff at least tangentially related to the 35th president, slated to be bid on beginning April 30.

Among the available artifacts: 

10. A chunk of rock from the concrete abutment Abraham Zapruder was standing on when he filmed the assassination (opening bid: $1,000) 9. Oswald's Only Suit (opening bid: $7,000)  8. A pair of Ruby's pants (opening bid: $1,000) 7. Oswald's Chess Set (opening bid: $5,000) 6. A John F. Kennedy signed 1963 Christmas card (opening bid: $7,000)

5. Oswald's bow and arrow (opening bid: $2,500)

4. Oswald's 1963 pay stub (opening bid: $1,500) 3. Oswald's mug shot (opening bid: $300) 2. Oswald's childhood mini-organ (opening bid: $1,500) 1. A chunk of the Grassy Knoll fence (opening bid $1,500)

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