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105.3 The Fan: Shamless Self-Promotion Time

As we speak, 105.3 The Fan is in the middle of a 30-day negotiating period with the Cowboys to steal the team away from 1310 AM The Ticket and become Dallas' official flagship station. The new sports-talk station has also hired Dallas' Only Daily columnist Tim Cowlishaw for a regular role weekdays from 4-6 with these jokers

(UPDATE: A radio source corrected me last night that, actually, Cumulus - owner of The Ticket - is in its 30-day of re-negotiating with the Cowboys, after which other companies like CBS - The Fan - can jump into the mix.)

In substantially less exhilerating news, I will be co-hosting sporty conversation on The Fan the next two nights 6-10 and sporadically in the near future. I can assure you this gig will go significantly better than my little radio stint two years ago.

As if it's not nauseating enough to hear me, can I interest you in watching me?

I'll be the guest on KFWD Channel 52's Tylock Lasik SportsTalk with David Marcus Friday night at 6:30 live from Victory Park.

Consider yourself alerted warned.

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