Nykerion Nealon
Nykerion Nealon
Dallas County Sheriff

17-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Ahmed Al-Jumaili Shooting

Nykerion Nealon has been arrested for killing Ahmed Al-Jumaili, the Iraqi immigrant shot as he, his wife and his brother took pictures in the snow on March 5.

Nealon, 17, told police he took to the streets near Al-Jumaili's apartment in far northeast Dallas after someone shot into his girlfriend's apartment on Audelia Road. He gathered some friends and an assault rifle and went out to search for the shooter, police said. Upon seeing Al-Jumaili and his family, Nealon shot at them multiple times, continuing to shoot as they ran back into their apartment.

Dallas police Major Jeff Cotner said Al-Jumaili was not the person Nealon initially set out to look for.

"We don't believe that [Nealon] knew Al-Jumaili, and we don't believe he knew Mr. Al-Jumaili's ethnicity," Cotner said.

The reason Nealon decided to open fire on Al-Jumaili and his family is still unknown, Cotner said.

Alia Salem, spokeswoman for the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, issued the following statement:

"We are very grateful the Dallas Police Department has worked so hard to bring these suspects in. The family is very grateful, and we are grateful for the support of the community and the media to keep the story relevant, and keep the reward relevant to the public. We are as grateful as you can be in situations such as these."

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