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2010 ALCS GAME 2 - Rangers 7, Yankees 2: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. I've never seen a scarier, more intense 5-run baseball game in my life. With closer Neftali Feliz flying 98-mph fastballs all over the joint in the 9th, the tension felt as though it were 3-2 instead of 7-2.

9. I know Elvis Andrus gets credit for manufacturing a 1-0 lead with his "Antlers" steal of home, but to me the Game 2 tone was set by Colby Lewis when he retired the Yankees in the top of the 1st on just nine pitches. What hangover?

8. Is it too much to say the Rangers have dominated this series? They've battered Yankees' starters CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes, building quick 5-0 leads in both games. David Murphy did the damage today with a homer and double in his first two at-bats. (For all their speed and aggressive base-running, let's not forget the Rangers have homered in all seven of their playoff games.)

7. I happen to like the dude waving the giant Texas flag in the seats right behind home plate. I know it's distracting, but isn't that the point?

6. Since homering in his first ALCS at-bat, Josh Hamilton has walked five of eight times up. Much respect. The Yankees are indirectly casting their vote for AL MVP.

5. I'm sure there have been longer homers hit, but watching Robinson Cano's 435-foot, 6th-inning blast was mesmerizing. At the game you really get a feel for just how far that ball traveled. I was thinking the guy sitting in that seat - half way up the upper deck of the home-run porch - never expected to catch a ball today and then, I'll be damned, turns out he in fact brought his glove to the game. Props to him. Maybe after watching him go 5 for 9 with two homers in the first two games, Ron Washington will learn how to pronounce his name. It's not, as Wash likes to say, "KAY-know."

4. I've seen enough of Mitch Moreland to know I've seen enough of Jorge Cantu. Make sense? Today Moreland had two more hits and a heads-up, hustling defensive play to catch Lance Berkman in a rundown when it felt like New York was putting something together.

3. After losing three consecutive playoff games wearing red the Rangers broke out their traditional home uniforms today. After all, don't good guys wear white?

2. For all the Game 2 greatness, it's a shame the Rangers aren't packing a 2-0 lead with them for the trip to New York. Take away the epic failure of the 8th inning in Game 1 and Texas has outscored the Yankees, 12-3. In related news, if a frog had wings he wouldn't have to jump.

1. For years and years Rangers fans had hope. This season they've had belief. And, as of tonight, they have confidence. The Rangers no longer hope or believe they can beat the Yankees in a playoff game, they know they can.

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