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2010 World Series GAME 3 - Rangers 4, Giants 2: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Yes metroplex, for the first time ever there will be baseball ... in November. Regardless of Tommy Hunter in tonight's Game 4, Game 5 will be Monday night, Novembrer 1, at Rangers Ballpark at 6:57. And oh, by the way Giants fans, you know where you can stick those brooms.

9. During the season, Neftali Feliz saved 40 victories, about one in every four Texas games. Amazingly, tonight - in the Rangers' 14th playoff game - he appeared in a post-season save situation for the first time. How'd he do? Two strikeouts and a 13-pitch, 10-strike stress-free save. Nice.

8. After surveying the crowd and culture of both parks the last two games, Rangers vs. Giants feels like this: Conservative Bible-beaters vs. Liberal Pot-smokers.

7. Josh Hamilton, welcome to the World Series. Before his 5th inning homer to right field that made it 4-0, he was 1 for 10.

6. When San Francisco's Andres Torres homered in the 8th, the fan who caught the homer in right field threw it back on the field. Why?! You had a souvenir home-run ball from the first World Series game ever at Rangers Ballpark and now you've got ... the instant-high, faster-fading memory a 5-second ovation from surrounding fans who were merely jealous of your good fortune. It's like when you quit your job in a huff. Feels good on the elevator down, but as soon as you get to your car it's "What the hell did I just do?!" Right?

5. Remember it's Halloween on Sunday. Dress up as a comeback. Last team to rally from 0-2 down to win the World Series were the '96 New York Yankees. So put on your pinstripes and ... check that, dress like a Zombie instead.

4. Key at-bat of the game by Mitch Moreland. After fouling off four consecutive 2-2 off-speed pitches from Jonathan Sanchez, he drilled a fastball for a 3-run homer to right field in the 2nd inning. And, yep, he did it as the Rangers' No. 9 hitter. In the NL - sans Designated Hitter - that would've been some lame pitcher's spot. Welcome to big-boy baseball, San Francisco. After all, not using the DH is, well, un-American. Since 1998 in the World Series, NL teams are now 7-24 in AL parks. The Rangers are back in the series, but to win this thing they'll have to figure out a way to win in an NL-ruled game in AT&T Park, where they are 0-11 all-time.

3. Well-played Rangers' largest-crowd ever of 52,419. Well-played, indeed. Especially you, dude in the Lee jersey. Wait ... that's No. 45. Carlos Lee? Not Cliff Lee, Carlos? He of the 59-game, 9-homer stint in Texas back in 2006? Weird.

2. Colby Lewis is like a soft sunrise after a night of hard whisky. He's won three consecutive playoff starts, all after Rangers' losses. Game 2 of the ALCS. Game 6 of the ALCS. And now Game 3 of the WS. He didn't have his "A" game, but Lewis is now the first Rangers' pitcher to win a World Series game. Brah. Voe.

1. Hello, World Series Win Column!

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