2011 NBA FINALS GAME 5 -- Mavericks 112, Heat 103: My Top 10 Observer-ations


So did he or didn't he? Rashard Lewis I mean. Did he or didn't he sleep with LeBron James' girlfriend? Best guess:



9. Remember when I said a faster pace would equal better looks for the Mavs on offense? With J.J. Barea joining the series and Jason Kidd pushing the ball instead of walking it up, Dallas' early offense was the difference. Would you believe 13 of 19 3-pointers? That's the 3-point line advantage most of us thought Dallas would exploit.

8. Again with a Mario Chalmers 3-point prayer at the end of the first quarter? And this one was legal. Actually, give the guy credit. He's been great in this series. And both of those shots took -- yes, luck -- but also athleticism and touch. Touche.

7. Texas Tickets, in business forever here in Dallas, claims Game 5 was the second-toughest ticket in town ever behind only Super Bowl XLV. Of course, Cowboys' NFC Championship Games (65,000) and Rangers' World Series games (50,000) had bigger theaters in which to play in.

6. Talked with Mavericks founding father Don Carter before the game. He was positively giddy. Said in '06 he was this close to ordering a championship ring. When I root for the Mavs, I'm also rooting for the classy man in the Stetson.

5. When Dwyane Wade went to the locker room in the second quarter with a bruised hip, I was shocked he didn't need a wheelchair. My sources said he fetched a pacifier, his blanky and a pallet to cushion his fake falldowns. Or perhaps I just made that up because I hate him.

4. And just when you thought Jason Kidd hit the biggest 3-pointer in Mavs history for a 105-100 lead, Jason Terry trumped it with a 27-footer for a 108-101 lead with 33 seconds remaining. AAC has never been louder.

3. In his self-stamped "biggest game of my life," LeBron was outscored in the first quarter by ... Brian Cardinal? James finished with a triple-double...and a loss. LeGone scored two -- that's one basket -- in the fourth quarter.

2. How could you ever root for these two frauds? Are you shittin' me? LeBron and Wade are two fake-ass actors who flop when untouched, and they somehow have the gall to mock Dirk's illness. See for yourself.

1. Pinch me. The Dallas Mavericks are 48 minutes from an NBA championship. 

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