2011 NBA FINALS -- Heat 92, Mavericks 84: My Top 10 Observer-ations

2011 NBA FINALS -- Heat 92, Mavericks 84: My Top 10 Observer-ations

5. When the Heat are in The Finals, Miami brings out the big hitters. And who might they be? Jimmy Buffet. Gloria Estefan. Queen Latifah. And Ludacris. Yes, those are ranked worst to first.

4. If the Mavs' bench can't obliterate the Heat's sorry subs, this will be a looong series. Midway through the fourth quarter Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller and the boys had outscored Dallas' strength, 22-17. Recipe for disaster.

3. By the way, rumors and even a "breaking news" story that Dirk got engaged last weekend are bogus. Mavs say no. Yes he has a serious Swedish girlfriend, but as of now she ain't no fiancee. Whew. Would've been curious timing, at best.

2. When LeBron James drives the lane with two minutes left in a playoff game, Dirk and Tyson Chandler can't spectate. What should've been a hard playoff foul was instead James dunking for an 85-75 lead that sealed the deal. Sorry, but that smacked of "soft."

1. This was no doubt the Mavs' worst game of the postseason. Too many offensive rebounds allowed (16). Reserves outscored by Miami's sorry subs (-10). Not a Finals-worthy performance.

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