5 (Not So) Easy Steps to the Cowboys Beating the Texans

While we ignore crapola like this from north of the big border bloggers - Jimmy Johnson to return to coach the Cowboys? Really?! - let's construct a blueprint toward something much more realistic: Making the Dallas Cowboys a better football team.

We know they are talented. But in their first two games they haven't been good.

I'm naive enough to think the Cowboys will beat the Texans Sunday in Houston and will still find a way to win the NFC East.

How's that you ask?

1. I know he tweaked a hamstring or a quad or something and was trying to loosen his leg on a stationary bike in the fourth quarter, but I want more of Dez Bryant. After what we saw in Games 1 and 2, 28 snaps and only two passes thrown his way is inexcusable. And, please, put him on kickoff returns as well. The more touches for Dez the better.

2. Blitz the damn blitz. After getting burned by uncovered tight end Greg Olsen last week defensive coordinator Wade Phillips called off the dogs. If they're going to be a great team the Cowboys' defense has to force turnovers. Through two weeks only two NFL teams don't have a takeaway: The 0-2 Bills and the 0-2 Cowboys.

3. Field goals from only 50-plus. David Buehler has tremendous leg strength. It's when he throttles down that he struggles. Going for it on 4th-and-3 from the 30 will save a missed field goal and instill aggressiveness and confidence in your offense. Right, Mike Leach?

4. We haven't seen it yet, but Felix Jones is this team's featured back of the present and future. Right? Last week he had seven carries for seven yards and three times lost yardage. He needs the ball on the edges. On sweeps. But mostly, he needs the ball more. Shame on Jason Garrett for only getting Felix 19 touches in two games.

5. When in doubt, ditch Keith Brooking's fiery pre-game speech and have DeMarcus Ware sing 'em some country. Wait, what?

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