A Balch Springs Teen Reportedly Beat a Puppy's Eye and Teeth Out With a Tree Branch

Carol Nix says she saw the whole thing happen from the door of her front porch. Zuri, a friendly, three-month-old terrier mix she'd given a drink to a few hours before, wandered down Oakview Drive when three teenagers appeared, two boys and a girl. One of the boys grabbed a tree branch and took a swing at the seven-pound puppy.

The blow connected, rupturing the dog's left eye and knocking out several teeth.

"I think this kid enjoyed doing it. He never did look at that dog with remorse. Never looked at that dog like he was sorry," Nix told CBS 11.

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Nix called police, who canvassed the neighborhood but failed to locate the teens.

Rocky Ridge Refuge, an Arkansas rescue group, has raised nearly $3,000 to offer as a reward for information leading to the attacker's capture, but their prospects seem bleak. Absent a better description of the teens tip or a tip about their identity, the investigation is at a dead-end. Hence the cash reward.

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