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A Beautiful Short Film Made in Downtown Dallas Starring the Less Shotgunny Schutze

Jim's on vacation this week. So I'll use that opportunity to highlight a short film starring his boy Will, the Woodrow Wildcat presently residing in Los Angeles, where, between acting jobs, he's busking on Venice Beach, in Santa Monica and in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. I once heard Jim ask Will, "You get busted by the cops today?" Not yet.

Jim, who makes a brief cameo, says his boy draws big crowds, and there's no reason to doubt him -- when my wife and son caught Will's act, accidentally, at the State Fair of Texas two years ago, they raved. My son called immediately afterward, positively giddy: "Did you know Jim's son works with puppets?" Yup, just like his old man.

Bonetangles was made by Alex Wagner, a young local filmmaker honing his craft as a production assistant and assistant director on other crews' shoots. Alex and Will have known each other since they were "tiny wobblers," as Jim puts it. This short was made when Will came home for Christmas. Will told his father that performing in downtown was kind of "like a movie about the day after a nuclear war."

I see Pete's also posted Bonetangles this morning -- we've wrangled over who would have the privilege of posting, but, no lie, that's pure coincidence. Pete has some nice words about the film. I'll let it speak -- or rather, sing and dance -- for itself.

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