A Big "Oy, Vey" For Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava

Don't know if you noticed, but this week in Jerusalem they done inaugurated the opening of a new bridge -- a Santiago Calatrava bridge, matter of fact. And this morning, a writer for Israel Opinion channels his inner Schutze and proclaims, "It is difficult to recall a case where something so huge, pretentious, expensive, and arrogant was built for the sake of so little."

Calatrava has said, rather confusingly, that it's "120 percent modern." Residents of Jerusalem are, of course, conflicted: Notes the AP: "A ship's sail, a crooked nail, or a giant headache – Jerusalemites can't agree about how best to describe the newest landmark the capital city was inaugurating Wednesday." The future is now? --Robert Wilonsky

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