Dallas Cowboys

A Cowboys' GM Other Than Jerry Jones? Never Ever Never.

Your Dallas Cowboys will someday get a new quarterback and will sooner rather than later be gifted with a different head coach, but Jerry Jones is and always will be the franchise's general manager.

Not surprising at all - he's said it before, repeatedly - but today it just got punctuated. With an exclamation point. No, make that a stern, scolding, end-of-discussion period.

On his weekly Tuesday morning radio show on 105.3 The Fan, Jagger had the audacity balls to ask the owner if he would ever consider relinquishing his GM duties.

"No," Jones responded emphatically. "And we don't need to argue about it. I don't have anything that I don't manage myself. I just don't."

There are a couple things Jerry isn't so sure about:

1. U2. Though the mega-band is playing Cowboys Stadium on Monday night, Jerry drew a blank when asked about his favorite song from the band. "Remind me of some of them," he said sheepishly.

2. Eli Manning and the New York Giants possibly defiling the new joint with signatures, spit and shenanigans. Joked Jerry, "This is the first I've heard of it. But the stadium was built to handle saliva."

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