A Dallas Couple Was Murdered at Their Home in Feud Over Dog Droppings, Police Say

Chung Kim had lived below Jamie Stafford and Michelle Jackson at the Sable Ridge Apartments in Northeast Dallas for two years when witnesses and police say an ongoing dispute over noise -- the 31-year-old couple had five children -- and dog crap pushed Kim over the edge.

At 8 a.m. Kim, who, according to an arrest affidavit, was angry at the couple over feces he accused them of dumping onto his porch, walked upstairs and shot Jackson as she stood on the porch in front of her home.

Kim, 75, then stepped past Jackson and into the apartment where the couple's one-month-old baby was sleeping and shot at Stafford as he attempted to escape via the back patio.

Stafford made it over the railing and jumped to the ground, but got no further. Kim walked downstairs, stood over Stafford, and shot him at point-blank range before walking to his black Lexus SUV.

Police found him within a few minutes at Abrams and Larmanda, a quarter mile away.

Kim is charged with capital murder. Police say he was taken to a local hospital for an "unrelated medical condition" and has not yet been booked into jail. The couple's children are staying with relatives, Fox 4 reports.

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