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A Far East Dallas Homeowner Was Killed by Police After Shooting a Burglar, Cops Say [Updated]

Update at 1:11 p.m.: Police have identified the homeowner as 57-year-old William Hall. According to county property records, he lives at 10316 Sandra Lynn Drive, which shares an alley with Plummer Drive.

At a press conference this morning, police provided a more detailed narrative of the shooting, which you can read in full on DPD's Facebook page.

The first two officers to arrive saw Hall standing over a body. They order him to drop his gun, but he moves behind a privacy fence and out of sight. One thinks he sees him go into the adjacent house.

Three other officers, Joshua Wilson, Daniel Summers, and Julian McDaniel, arrive. They see the body lying in a pool of blood in the alley and move to provide aid. As they approach, one of the first pair of officers to arrive runs toward them, yelling that the gunman is behind him.

They turn to see Hall emerging from some overgrown bushes. They tell him to drop the gun. He racks the slide on the weapon and points it at the cops. Wilson, Summers, and McDaniel open fire.

Both Hall and Jerry Wayne Hale were pronounced dead at the scene.

Original post: On Thursday evening just before 8 p.m., three Dallas police officers opened fire and killed a man they say pointed a gun at them in a Far East Dallas alley. This came after police ordered the man to drop his weapon several times, according to witnesses. It was a clear case of self-defense, DPD said in a press release. Simple as that.

The details surrounding the shooting are much more confused. According to DPD, the man officers shot, who has not yet been identified, was a nearby homeowner. He was carrying the gun because he had just shot and killed a burglar, whose body was lying in the alleyway behind the 10300 block of Plummer Drive when police arrived.

It's a weird sequence of events that is still being pieced together, but here's the narrative police are releasing so far: Two neighbors hear gunfire coming from the alley in the 10300 block of Plummer Drive. They round the corner to find a man with a gun standing over another man. When the neighbors announce that they've called 911, the gunman points his gun and chases them down the alley. The cops arrive a few minutes later and order the man to drop his weapon. Instead, he points it at the officers, who respond with a volley of bullets.

The Dallas Morning News says police have identified the suspected burglar as 30-year-old Jerry Wayne Hale. According to Dallas County court records, he was convicted in 2011 for possession of methamphetamine.

More details as they become available.

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