A Forgotten Documentary About Super Bowl X, Starring a Topless Rayfield Wright, Phyllis George and Bill Murray

Speaking of amazing video ... over the holiday weekend, I came across this snippet of a documentary shot during Super Bowl X at the Orange Bowl in Miami, where Tom Landry's Dallas Cowboys lost to Chuck Noll's Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17. It was done for pioneering SF-based collective TVTV; and, yes, you will find amongst the "sports reporters" in this footage Bill Murray (harassing Denton's own Phyllis George, Pat Summerall and Johnny Unitas) and Christopher Guest.

As it turn outs, the entire documentary -- during which you'll also find Dallas tight end Jean Fugett giving a tour of the Cowboys' locker room, starring a whole bunch of familiar faces, and center John Fitzgerald groaning about how football's real hard and stuff -- is available here, absotively gratis. If you have 47 minutes to kill. And, face it, you probably do the day after a three-day weekend. --Robert Wilonsky

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