A Fort Worth Store Is Selling "Craig James Killed Five Hookers" T-Shirts for the TCU-SMU Game

When TCU and SMU's football teams face off this weekend in the battle for the coveted Iron Skillet, the Horned Frogs are expected to dominate. The three-touchdown spread falls a couple of touchdowns shy of an abject humiliation, but it at least represents a solid pounding.

That's not good enough for Fort Worth, which is hard at work correcting the humiliation deficit. Case in point is the T-shirt unveiled yesterday by The Varsity -- Fort Worth, an off-campus retailer of Horned Frog merchandise.

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For those unfamiliar with the acronym, you can brush up here. Basically, former Mustang Craig James killed five hookers at SMU, according to the Internet.

It was that phrase, along with his general lack of political skills and personal charisma, that ultimately torpedoed his bid for U.S. Senate. Now, it's come back to haunt his alma mater.

(h/t Liberally Lean)

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