A Friday (Acid) Flashback, or: Local Radio Newcasts Could Still Use a Little More Sitar

The great George Gimarc bestows upon the Friends of Unfair Park quite the neat treat this Friday eve: a few minutes of a newscast from the late, great KNUS-FM (98.7). George, who could find a needle in a thousand haystacks in the pitch black whilst wearing a blindfold, just picked up hours' worth of airchecks from Gordon McLendon's rock-and-roll-and station at a garage sale. And, just this very morning, he started converting the reels to digital and thought this gah-roovy enough to share. But what is it, George?

The name on the cassette is Joe Reed -- but that might not have been his air name. It really almost sounds like Tim Spencer to me on this clip but I'm not the expert ..... yet! This one's from August 23, 1970. Just imagine 120 minutes of radio with only 2 commercials, and the DJ never mentions his name. Just records record records. More to come as I plow thru these 30 hours or so of audio. Oooh! I just heard them play Three Faces West -- that's Ray Wylie Hubbard's band back in the day.
That is but a taste down below. You know, to get you hooked? Because George says he'll provide more. He's a pusher.

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky