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A Great Week for the Owners of Some Bad Teams

Considering the Cowboys haven't won a playoff game in 12 years, the Mavs and Stars are on the brink of missing the playoffs and the Rangers are looking toward 2010, seems a weird time to say it. But say it I must:

Atta boy, owners!

First Mark Cuban threatens to blow up his Mavs. Then Jerry Jones makes prudent football decisions. As for Tom Hicks? His hockey coach is holding a star player accountable and his baseball stadium just got a $4 million facelift financed straight from his wallet.

It's refreshing, really. Terrell Owens is gone and Mike Modano is wearing a bullseye and Dirk Nowitzki is on thin ice. And out at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, fans can now do something they haven't been able to do since 1994 ...

This year, for the first time, every fan in every seat will be able to watch video replays and keep track of the out-of-town scoreboard. Whether the Rangers are better remains to be seen, but your baseball experience will be improved this season.

There is now a video screen out in left field - the manual scoreboard is no more - and a cool brick wall running behind home plate and ribbon of information running around almost the whole park.

It doesn't happen often, but for once let's give our owners some credit. In fact, while we're at it, let's rank 'em. Who's your favorite local sports owner?

Mine? Even though Hicks has this area's last championship (Stars in '99), Jerry hasn't won a playoff game this decade and Cuban's team has never won a title, I'd rank them thusly:

1. Cuban

2. Jones

3. Hicks

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