A Hit-and-Run Driver Mowed Down a 7-Year-Old Dallas Boy on His Birthday

On Saturday afternoon, Lorenzo Cantu was playing with friends in the backyard of his home in the 3100 block of Conroe Street while his mother made preparations for his birthday party. At some point, he left the backyard and wandered across the street and greeted a dog who was sniffing around by the tennis courts.

The boy's return trip happened to coincide with the passage of a lumbering white pickup. He darted from behind a parked car straight into its path. The truck hit him, then kept driving, leaving Lorenzo laying motionless in the street.

The whole episode was caught by a home surveillance video, which NBC 5 included in its report on the hit-and-run. Fastforward to the 1:20 mark for the clip, but be forewarned that it's jarring viewing.


The story, though, has a relatively happy ending. The driver of the pickup remains at large, facing possible charges of failing to stop and render aid and child abandonment, but Lorenzo escaped with his life, suffering a concussion and broken toes. They didn't seem to be bothering him much on Sunday, when he celebrated his birthday in the hospital.

"He has got the best present there is right now," Lorenzo's grandfather, Oscar Andrade, told NBC 5. "He has another chance of life."

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