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A Mesquite Man Is Very Sorry for "Terminating" His Pit Bull with a Shovel

Earlier in the week, 59-year-old Robert Prichard learned he would be staying in jail for the time being. A Dallas County judge upped his bail to $50,000 on a felony animal cruelty charge and sent him back to Lew Sterrett.

The upside for Prichard is that he now has more time to reflect upon his actions, which, according to police, involved beating his female pit bull to death with a shovel for chewing on some patio cushions on August 30.

KRLD brings us the results of more than a month soul-searching.

"I regret terminating that dog," he tells reporter L.P. Phillips. "I should have just leashed it inside its doghouse and waited for my next check."

Much of the interview is less of an apology than an explanation of why he killed his dog. The pit's behavior had degenerated. She had ruined his yard and was constantly biting him and the family cat.

She was biting him as he tried to put a leash on August 30 and "in the process I made a mistake," he said.

This is a marked change from August 30, when, still covered in blood, he told police that he'd thrown the dying dog into the pool to "cool her off."

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