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A Message from Mary Suhm Concerning Dallas's Role as Region's "Emergency Water Provider"

So much for all that rain we were promised; there it goes, not even close save for last night's stray raindrops. The not-even-near-miss seems only fitting in advance of tomorrow's briefing before the Dallas City Council, when City Manager Mary Suhm will recommend going to Stage 1, twice-a-week watering restrictions on December 12. It would not be surprising, though, if Scott Griggs asks why we're not at Stage 2 at this late date.

Speaking of: City Hall just posted its November newsletter, in which Suhm explains to the citizenry the need to cut back on watering. An excerpt, in response to some of the Friends' questions over the weekend:

Despite the fact that our water supply reservoirs -- Lake Fork, Grapevine, Lewisville, Ray Hubbard, Ray Roberts and Tawakoni -- are less than 25 percent depleted, other factors make it prudent that we begin water restrictions before the lakes are depleted further.

Construction at the DWU Eastside Treatment Plan will temporarily reduce treatment capacity, another factor addressed in the City's Drought Contingency Plan (DCP). Another factor: other entities water supplies in the area have been impacted greater than Dallas, creating water supply emergencies in the region. That is why I have recommended to the City Council that we initiate Stage 1 water restrictions on Dec. 12. ...

Through successful planning, substantial conservation efforts by Dallas residents and meteorological good fortune, we have more water available than others in the region. And although Dallas did not plan to be the emergency water provider for North Texas, our neighbors are in a water crisis, and providing emergency water is the right thing to do.
Read the whole thing here.

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