Ideally, the statue of Dimebag Darrell would be larger than this eight-and-a-half-inch, $99.95 figurine.

A Metal Monument, Or: Trying to Build a Bronze Statue of Dimebag Darrell

The two dudes trying to erect a "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott statue in Dallas got a big boost this week: Revolver ("The World's Loudest Rock Magazine!") ran a little piece about the efforts of Houston's Joey Riordan and Toronto's mono-monikered Mangra, which is snowballing down the virtual metal mountain thanks to

Truth is, the duo have been at this since June, at the very least; thus far, it appears they've raised some $1,063.33 following a fund-raising concert in Canada last month. Far as they're concerned, Abbott deserves the same memorial bestowed upon the likes of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, Elvis Presley, AC/DC's Bon Scott (he gets his statue February 24) and Jimi Hendrix -- fellas forgot about Stevie Ray Vaughan. (They could always do for Dimebag what the Lithuanians did for Frank Zappa.) Says the duo's MySpace page, "No Question Dime deserves a statue in Texas!!" --Robert Wilonsky

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