A New City Manager, a Medical Bribery Scheme and an Outlaw Race Track: This Week's News in Review

We know your busy, so here's a roundup of the week's events from the Dallas Observer newsroom.

Five Things to Know About T.C. Broadnax, the Lone Finalist for Dallas City Manager
This week, city hall will vote in our new city manager. Here's a primer on the guy who will help run Dallas.

At "The Gut," Where Driver Blake Williams Died, Street Racers Chase Outlaw Glory  
At the family-owned Yello Belly Drag Strip, a "run what you brung" track, street racers can line up regardless of their vehicle. For one racer, the track witnessed his final run and violent demise.

Faith Johnson Named Dallas County District Attorney
Susan Hawk's replacement takes the stage.

Twenty-One Indicted in the Forest Park Medical Center Health Care Fraud
The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Texas claims Forest Park Medical Center paid approximately $40 million in bribes and kickbacks in exchange for patient referrals

Five Reasons Why It's Not That Great to Be Dak Prescott
The Dallas Cowboys rookie lives a charmed life, but everyone has things to deal with including low pay and serial doubters.

Weekly Schutze

The cops and firemen put their money into the DROP fund because the fund promised to pay them interest and cost of living. Now the city wants the fund to claw that money back. You’re at the bank window, and the guy behind it says, “Sir, we’re not allowing withdrawals, and if and when we do, we will be keeping some of your money.” Is that a banana republic deal or what? The mayor and the city manager are saying it’s fair because DROP was always too sweet a deal for the people who put money into it. Maybe it was, but it was a deal.
— Jim Schutze, from "By Any Other Name, Pension Fund Claw-Back Is Still a Default"

Horses' Mouth

Somewhere, an Egyptologist is crying:

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