A Pregnant Woman and Her Unborn Child Were Gunned Down in Southeast Oak Cliff

Whatever turns in Stephanie Terlisner's life took her to the house at the end of Cool Morn Drive on Saturday evening, it was the wrong place and the wrong time.

At about 7 p.m., an armed robber burst into the home and shot Terlisner in the chest, The Dallas Morning News reported Sunday.

Neither Terlisner nor her unborn child, who was expected to arrive at any moment, survived.

Neighbors told CBS 11 that the house was a hive of drugs and prostitution. Its 57-year-old owner was arrested last summer for crack possession. Last month, two visitors were picked up in the driveway with crack pipes, according to a police report.

Terlisner herself has had a couple of run-ins with the law. She pleaded guilty to three counts of misdemeanor theft earlier this year and was facing a felony drug possession charge.

Police have not yet found a suspect in the killing. Her family hopes they do soon.

"You don't expect to have to bury or attend services of your grown grandchildren," Terlisner's grandmother told CBS 11. "They are supposed to bury you."

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