Nein danke?!

A Ranking You’ll Find Hard to Believe

Dirk Nowitzki isn’t one of the 10 most popular NBA players in Europe.

I know. What gives?

Technically, I guess, it’s his uniform that isn’t so loved as Dirk’s No. 41 isn’t among the NBA’s just-released list of most popular jerseys across the pond. Kobe Bryant is No. 1. Jose Calderon of the Toronto Raptors is No. 10. Sandwiched in between are a bunch of guys not named Nowitzki.

Last time I checked Germany was in Europe. Dirk is a former MVP. A perennial All-Star. Even a stalwart of Germany’s National Team that played in the Olympics last summer.

Scratching my head, but I dunno. Maybe the Mavericks’ color scheme is too, um, colorful? Maybe even Euros were offended at teammate Josh Howard’s vulgar dissing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Beats me. Jump for the list and gimme your explanation:

Top 10 Most Popular NBA Jerseys in Europe:

1. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers 2. Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics 3. Pau Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers 4. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers 5. Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs 6. Allen Iverson, Denver Nuggets 7. Andrea Bargnani, Toronto Raptors 8. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat 9. Marco Belinelli, Golden State Warriors 10. Jose Calderon, Toronto Raptors – Richie Whitt

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