A Saginaw Walmart Barely Avoided a Black Friday Riot (Video)

For those folks who still refer to Brown Thursday as "Thanksgiving" and for whom Black Friday is all the more reason to stay indoors, here's some of what you missed, according to



-In Connecticut, an 11-year-old was hospitalized after being trampled by a crowd at Walmart and a shopper was pepper-sprayed after arguing with a store manager and attacking a cop.

-In Virginia, at another Walmart, a man was stabbed over a parking spot.

-In Rialto, California, at yet another Walmart, a brawl sent a cop to the hospital.

A Walmart spokeswoman described the latter incident as an "unfortunate and isolated incident."

The Thursday night scrum at the Walmart in Saginaw didn't make blackfridaydeathcount.com, presumably because no one was seriously injured. But a video clip of the 8 p.m. rush toward a display of Blu-Ray players, GPS units, and speakers did make YouTube, where it's nearing 1.3 million views.

We'll let Joseph Solis, the 21-year-old who shot the footage, describe the scene.

"It was kind of like The Hunger Games," he told NBC 5. "It was just like everyone just rushed towards the middle and that was it."

The end of the clip shows an injured man being escorted away from the crowd. WFAA caught up with him on Friday.

"When they said go, I started to approach the pallet where the products were at, and as I was grabbing some of the products, the display gave way," he told the station. "I fell on top of the display and I had probably 10 or 15 people on top of me. The next thing I know, my wife is pulling people off, my brother's trying to get to me, the cops were pulling people off. After that it was just a blur."

He wasn't seriously hurt, he said, just sore thanks in part to the shoulder surgery he had in September.

In a statement to NBC 5, Walmart described the Saginaw dogpile as an "isolated incident."

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