A Trashy Tale

Lotta places you could go with a story pitting one waste-disposal company against another; sounds like two or three Sopranos episodes, at least. Only, this one's being waged in a Dallas courtroom: Duncan Disposal is alleging that Dallas Waste Disposal & Recycling is hauling off its "roll-off" waste disposal containers, stripping off the "distinctive" "Sage Green" paint and repainting them blue, then erasing the serial number plates ID'ing them as Duncan Disposal property.

According to the suit filed yesterday, which can be read here courtesy Courthouse News, Duncan is alleging "in excess of 100" of its dumpsters have gone missing all over the DFW -- and they're worth between $3,000 to $5,000 each. The suit also suggests that Duncan suspects "other competitors" in the case of the missing dumpsters. Encyclopedia Brown? --Robert Wilonsky

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