Waco economist Ray Perryman

A Waco Economist Say Dallas Full of "Good Feelings." And a Touch of Gas.

We love Tom Korosec around here; he produced some mighty fine stories for the paper version of Unfair Park during his tenure here. But Tom's now at the Houston Chronicle, where today he has a story about the "lackluster race for mayor" here, and while we kind of agree and kinda don't (we are pumped for Saturday), the first two paragraphs of the story also make us...well...giggle just a little bit:

DALLAS -- Voters here are in a satisfied mood and most won't bother to vote as a crowded field of candidates vies to replace Dallas Mayor Laura Miller, who decided not to seek a second full term.

"You could call it an era of good feelings in Dallas," said Waco economist Ray Perryman. "If things are going pretty well, people just want to stay the course. It's tough to frame an issue that people can get up in arms about."

I dunno which is funnier: that people in Dallas "just want to stay the course," or that the first guy Tom quotes is a "Waco economist." Sure, he's a well-respected Waco economist -- says so right on Ray Perryman's Web site -- but, still, it's a tickle when you see it in print. And he's wrong too, which doesn't help. --Robert Wilonsky

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