Accountability, Shame and Wealth: A Review of My 2010 NFL Predictions

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You can say I botched my 2010 NFL prognostications. But you can't say I ran and hid from my errors.

There's hope for me surviving this thing, as I have Big Ten Buffoonery dough coming in, tonight's Megamillions jackpot is up to $330 million and I actually sneaked by with a profit because of Dez Bryant. I picked seven of 12 playoff teams in each conference but who am I kidding, this was a costly season in reputation if not rubles.

A review of the picks I made way back on September 8 ...

AFC EAST: Jets (Patriots)

AFC NORTH: Bengals (Steelers)

AFC SOUTH: Colts (Colts)

AFC WEST: Chargers (Chiefs)

AFC WILD CARDS: Ravens, Patriots (Ravens, Jets)


NFC EAST: Cowboys (Eagles)

NFC NORTH: Packers (Bears)

NFC SOUTH: Falcons (Falcons)

NFC WEST: Cardinals (Seahawks)

NFC WILD CARDS: Saints, 49ers (Saints, Packers)


SUPER BOWL: Colts over Cowboys


Just how bad did I miss on the Cowboys? ...

Again, thank you Dez. The next $55,000 dinner is on me.


Win Super Bowl XLV 9/1 Odds: LOSE - $100 (-$100)

Win NFC Championiship 4.5/1 Odds: LOSE - $250 (-$250)

Win NFC East 1/1.2 Odds: LOSE - $500 (-$600)

Win Total Over 10.5: 6, LOSE - $250 (-$250)

Make the Playoffs 1/1.8 Odds: LOSE - $1,000 (-$1,800)

Tony Romo Under 4,200 Passing Yards: 1,605, WIN - $100 (+$100)

Tony Romo Under 25.5 Touchdown Passes: 11, WIN - $100 (+$100)

Marion Barber Under 650 Rushing Yards: 374, WIN - $250 (+$250)

Felix Jones Over 850 Rushing Yards: 800, LOSE - $100 (-$100)

Miles Austin Under 1,200 Receiving Yards: 1,041, WIN - $100 (+$100)

Miles Austin Under 9.5 Receiving Touchdowns: 7, WIN - $100 (+$100)

Roy Williams Under 500 Receiving Yards: 530, LOSE - $100 (-$100)

Roy Williams Over 3.5 Receiving Touchdowns: 5, WIN - $100 (+$100)

Jason Witten Over 5.5 Receiving Touchdowns: 9, WIN - $250 (+$250)

Jason Witten Over 82.5 Receptions: 94, WIN - $100 (+$100)

Dez Bryant Over 650 Receiving Yards: 561, LOSE - $250 (-$250)

Dez Bryant Over 4.5 Receiving Touchdowns: 6, WIN - $5,000 (+$5,000)

Dez Bryant Over 45.5 Receptions: 45, LOSE - $100 (-$100)

DeMarcus Ware Over 13.5 Sacks: 15.5, WIN- $250 (+$250)

Wade Phillips Won't Be Fired: LOSE - $2.50 (-$2.50)

                                                                                 Total: +$2,797.50

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.