Ad Agency imc2 Subtracts Even More, But You Probably Already Knew That

I see MediaBistro just reported that Dallas-based virtual advertising agency imc2 just laid off 17 percent of its workforce -- due, of course, to the economy. It has even posted a letter sent to the staff from president Doug Levy, in which he writes: "In preparation for what might be a significant and prolonged recession, we have determined that the most responsible course of action is to reduce our costs."

Only, we knew this already. Our December 7, 2007, item about layoffs at imc2 back then -- some 24 people were let go right before Christmas -- has been alive and well ever since, with some 700-plus comments having been posted from employees both past and present, from all of the imc2 outposts. Word of the impending layoffs reached the item days ago, and since the announcement, congratulations and condolences have flooded in.

A couple of months ago, a University of Texas advertising student even e-mailed that this one item has been taught in a class down in Austin. Sadly, we've never been able to verify that story, but it wouldn't be surprising, as the agency, which boasts an impressive list of clients, has been a source of much hand-wringing and head-shaking for nearly a year now. It has even spawned a Fake Doug Levy blog, where, today, he writes: "IMC2, now 20% more efficient!" --Robert Wilonsky

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