After Hubby's Rocky Day on the Stand, Sheila Hill's Attorney Says He Has "No Concern Whatsoever" About Putting Her Up There Too

We caught up with Sheila Hill's attorney, Victor Vital, after the cross-examination of Don Hill Wednesday afternoon in the City Hall corruption trial, to find out if he had any concerns about putting his client on the stand.

"Oh, not at all," he says. "Don did wonderfully today. The truth will withstand any scrutiny. What you're seeing is some perceived hits on Don, but anytime you get an effective lawyer like Marcus Busch, he's gonna score some points. But when the blows land on the truth, they just glance and fall down. So I have no concern whatsoever because Sheila's gonna do the same thing that Don's doing. They'll hit her and they'll slap her, but the truth will prevail, and the truth will remain undaunted."

Incidentally, Schutze makes his return to the Earle Cabell this morning. Sandra Crenshaw is very excited by this news.

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Sam Merten
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