Against a Dream Team Like This, Diabetes Doesn't Stand a Chance

Patrick Michels

Mayor Tom, and especially Laura Leppert, are thrilled T.O. could join them.

The State Fair of Texas may have wrapped, but don't worry -- next week's "Passport to Health" Diabetes Awareness Expo at Fair Park promises to be a real hoot too.

To help spread the word about the disease afflicting an estimated 23 million Americans, Mayor Tom and Laura Leppert invited an old friend, noted Dallas philanthropist and author Terrell Owens, to City Hall this morning. Council members Carolyn Davis and Pauline Medrano spoke about the urgency of the diabetes crisis, but T.O. stole the show, inspiring as only T.O. can: "There are a lot of things I do in the community that you in the media don't report. But I know, in my heart, what I do."

No such worries today, though, as Owens and Mayor Tom palled around in front of the cameras -- Leppert even tossed a tight spiral to the receiver from the podium -- adding further celebrity firepower to an already popular Hollywood cause. Owens also took the chance to plug his new book, T.O.'s Finding Fitness, before inviting everyone to come down to the Music Hall at Fair Park on November 5.

A note to those of you following our coverage, former Miss America Nicole Johnson wasn't able to attend. Owens, though, helpfully took up the celebrity slack in her absence. --Patrick Michels

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Patrick Michels
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