Ain't No Party Like a Democratic Party Press Conference to Combat "Lies and Mistruths"

No doubt you've read this morning's story about how the three defense attorneys supporting Danny Clancy for Dallas County District Attorney -- including Toby Shook -- have piled on Craig Watkins, claiming that Christopher Scott and Claude Simmons maybe shouldn't have been DNA-exonerated after all. Well, Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Darlene Ewing and Watkins, who defeated Shook in the '06 election, aren't at all pleased with the attack on the D.A.s vaunted Conviction Integrity Unit. Hence, this morning's invite to this afternoon's press conference at Dallas County Democratic Party Headquarters near Fair Park. From the release, Ewing offers this sneak preview:

"It is obvious that the Republicans cannot challenge the Democrats on their excellent records of public service. They instead have opted to spread lies and mistruths about our candidates. We are not going to stand for it. The voters of Dallas County need to know the facts before casting a vote."

It would appear Merten has afternoon plans.

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