Airlines Want Trump's Protection,Dallas Parks Sort of Get A Smoking Ban, A Killer Walks Free: The News Week In Review

We know you're busy. So here's a roundup of the week's news, courtesy of your friends at the Dallas Observer.

Your 2016 Election Roundup
Nov. 8's vote showed voters skew for Hillary Clinton in Dallas, oust Texas state Representative Kenneth Sheets, and support a baseball stadium for the Texas Rangers.

DFW's Airline Industry Is Already Pleading for Trump's Protectionism

With a Trump presidency, and it's prominent talking points about protecting American jobs, the airlines and unions clearly see an opening to keep foreign airlines from expanding.

A Killer Walks Free Two Years After Shooting an Arlington Teacher
Prosecutors arranged the deal with Brooks, who received a two-year sentence in January and finished it last month because of time served.The Arlington police's investigation revealed the victim's secret life and a killer who claimed he'd been violated.

"Love Trumps Hate" Protestors Throng Downtown
Anger, dismay and defiance were on display on the streets of downtown Dallas in the aftermath of the presidential election. 

The Horse's Mouth

Low Society
First, how do we become members of the Gourd Society? Second, extolling the Arboretum's air sounds funny given the City Council this week exempted the place from a smoking ban.

Weekly Schutze

"DART is a wonderful focusing mechanism for us, because it spends such incredible amounts of our money — billions at a bounce — and it’s capable of doing so in completely illogical and wasteful ways if we don’t step in. I picture DART as standing on a bridge over the Trinity River with a billion dollars of our money in a bag weighted with bricks, threatening to drop it into the river if we don’t stop it."
— Jim Schutze, from "DART Is Just the Pile of Dog Bones We Need to Read Our Fortune"

Parting Shot

Self-deprecating cop humor, courtesy of the Dallas Police Association's Twitter feed:

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