Alas, There Were No "I Voted" Stickers

Don't let the empty doorway at right fool you -- Leonides Gonzalez Cigarroa M.D. Elementary, home of the Fightin' One-One-One-Seven, was full of voters early this a.m. 'Round 8 all the booths were occupied, and a short line was forming behind me; hence the brief wait till space cleared. I was No. 43 an hour in, and said one election official, turnout was "surprisingly strong." Another election judge was telling a waiting voter that, yeah, but you shoudla seen it at the Records Building last week. "Packed," she said. "Packed." Feel free to leave your eyewitness account below.

A note of note for those keeping an eye in particular on the wet-dry vote: I see the City Secretary's Office has, for the first time I can recall, set up a special site to keep track of Props. 1-4, the first two concerning the selling of beer and wine citywide; the latter half part of the city's efforts to dispense with Elgin B. Robertson and Joey Georgusis Parks. Of course, there's always Dallas County Elections's site, which is indispensable on days and nights like these. And, 'round 7 and after, we'll have folks scattered here and there to see who's up and who's down. And, this just in: Should it rain, the Dems are moving their party to the Jack Daniels Club inside the American Airlines Center. Read into that what you will.

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