ALDI Milk, or: I'd Buy That For a Dollar

Early this morning ALDI sent word:

ALDI, a leader in grocery quality and value will be dropping its prices on all varieties of its Friendly Farms milk beginning this Sat. (Sept. 18). For the next several weeks Metroplex Area shoppers may purchase one-gallon varieties of milk for only $.99. (Limit 4 per shopper.)

Katherine Davis, the Chicago-based spokeswoman for the ever-expanding-in-the-DFW chain, says the promotion's only for locals. I asked: Is this just a way to get folks in the door? Yup, she says -- "and I think there has been a lot of competion in terms of milk prices, so we want to beat out everyone and offer the best-quality product at an unbeatable price." The other ALDIs sell milk for, oh, 'round $1.69ish.

I've tried an ALDI here and there -- interesting. Like a movie-set grocery store -- all the packages look familiar, but the private-label names are, let's say, unfamiliar. But Davis tells Unfair Park the locally sold Friendly Farms offering is produced by none other than Borden. "It's not organic," she says, "but it is growth-hormone-free." Me too! I've asked a Friend of Unfair Park who's an ALDI regular for his thoughts. Fingers crossed he responds.

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