America's Got ... Talent?

Out on Lake Ray Hubbard's Party Cove last weekend there was a guy on a boat. A big, fat guy. With a goofy hat. And a huge gut.


Disturbing as it was, the dude had a couple bikini-clad hotties shaking it alongside him.

Me and a buddy commenced this debate: Are the girls attracted to him out of sex appeal or sympathy.

"He's compensating for his body with his personality," my buddy noted. "Work with what you got."

Some of us retorted that it'd be more impressive to get in the gym and alter what you got, but whatever. I see his point.

Which leads me, of course, the Mavs ManiAACs.

Apparently the big man dance troupe - sans Dallas Mavericks gear, curiously - is still alive on NBC's America's Got Talent. (Shouldn't that be America Has Talent?)

I've gone back and forth with some of these guys on whether they are actually talented dancers or just a goofball novelty act. Some of them are very serious. Some laugh at themselves.

Either way, I give them credit for turning their gag into fame, if not fortune.


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