Brian Harkin
Jim Trulock, co-owner of Duncanville's Cherry Pit, has been arrested on TABC violations, as has his girlfriend and co-owner Julie Norris.

An Item in Which the Phrase "Something Sticks" Has a Whole New Meaning

This week's paper version of Unfair Park, with the cover story about The Cherry Pit, is barely on the streets, and already this update: Duncanville police have arrested Julie Norris, who, with boyfriend Jim Trulock, is the owner of the city’s most notorious residence. Norris was arrested Wednesday on charges associated with operating an unregistered club and other prohibited activities, a violation of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code 32.14 and a Class “A” misdemeanor that carries a one-year jail sentence and a fine of up to $4,000. Trulock was arrested on the same charges on September 5.

Unfair Park spoke with attorney Ed Klein this morning, and he says Duncanville police arrived at Norris’ workplace Wednesday afternoon, handcuffed her and transferred her to the city jail. She was released shortly thereafter following the posting of a $1,500 bond. “It’s just more of the same,’’ says Klein, who believes the city is carpet-bombing his clients with accusations in the hope something sticks.

Trulock argues in this week’s Dallas Observer that while his home is a haven for “swingers,’’ it is nothing more than a private residence and that his weekend parties are no different than a “church barbecue.’’ Duncanville officials see it as a legal issue -- though City Manager Kent Cagle concedes that he also thinks “it’s just gross."

Incidentally, I'll be on Live 105.3 today, discussing the story with swingers Ben and Skin. Should be around 1:15 p.m., if you can swing by. --Mike Fisher

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