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An Unfair Park Contest: Who's Got Some Palmer Rockey They Can Share?

The legendary sound track you've never heard of for a Dallas-made movie you've never seen.

OK, a little help. Because, see, yesterday's posting about the forthcoming Bottle Rocket DVD prompted a discussion of the best movies ever made in Dallas. And several comments mentioned Palmer Rockey and his film Scarlet Love, which I've heard of but have yet to actually experience. And who, you're asking, was Palmer Rockey? Says here: "Sometime around 1978 Palmer Rockey arrived in Dallas high society out of Los Angeles, presenting himself as a 'movie producer' and looking the part too in his fur and slicked-back hair. He spent his time rubbing elbows with wealthy Dallas housewives trying to get money to fund a new film project he was working on." Which he did -- only it took three years, prompting several actors to play the same part, awesome. Says here he died 12 years ago and is buried in California.

So, long shot: Anyone have a copy of the movie? Or the sound track? Because it too sounds genius: "fantastic and gorgeously sleazy." (You'll find one track, "Feelings of Love," in this September 2000 WFMU broadcast.)

We'll make it worth your while. How? Jump for the good news, which is retail valued at, oh, $250 -- give or take.

First one to produce at Unfair Park HQ a copy of the movie gets one hell of a prize pack: 18 DVDs courtesy MGM-UA Home Entertainment, including double-disc special editions of A Fistful of Dollars, The Great Escape, Some Like It Hot, Raging Bull, West Side Story, New York, New York, Rocky, as well as single-disc special editions of such films as the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Carrie, In the Heat of the Night and Judgment at Nuremberg.

It's not just for me, either. We're thinking Unfair Park Movie Night. Double feature.

Scarlet Love. And, maybe, Cotton Candy? (Hey, there's Mark Allen's review!) Or something. Working on it.

Oh, and if you can come up with the sound track, from which I'd like to post at least one cut, there's another stack of those same 18 classic titles with your name on it.

And ... go. Hey, you got all weekend. --Robert Wilonsky

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